JULIA Glider with V-tail, wing with flap/aileron

Price197,00 €

Julia Glider 2.0м

VERSION:  Glider   with V-tail


FUSELAGE: FIBERGLASS or CARBON/KEVLAR                                                             

The kit is almost ready to fly and it is designed to be very light and extremely strong. The wing is hollow molded construction. Integrating D-box, spar system into the wing and the trailing edge are reinforced with carbon unidirection. The ailerons and the flaps are also reinforced with carbon. The joiner is 6mm steel. The ribs are made of balsa by CNC machine.

The wing mounting- top mount bolt in the fuselage. The fuselage can be made of fiberglass or carbon/Kevlar. The servo for the elevator is under the tail. The tail is removable with Kevlar hinges of the rudders.

The cover is ORACOVER(red, blue, purple, orange and green).Accessories included.

 Depend of your wishes we can include to your order the following items:

* 6pcs Servos Turnigy  TGY-D56MG Coreless DS/MG HV Servo 1.2kg - 45€

Technical data: 

Wing span


Wing area

36.0 dmsq

Wing airfoil

SD 7037

Kit weight


V - Tail 

3.9dm sq

Centre of gravity

30 -35% (75mm from the leading edge)