Falco Peregrinus V 2.0m (Fuselage carbon or carbon/kevlar)

Price435,00 €

The fuselage is produced under high pressure technology from carbon/kevlar materials with carbon reinforcement. The construction and the technology provide extreme strength and light weight. The fuselage allows crash-landing during slope flights. The weight of the fuselage is 120g. While in the electric option, the fuselage is designed to have round sections from Ø28 to Ø42mm. The design of the tail part of the plane provides even more torsional stiffness while at the same time, the center of gravity goes forward.

The wing is placed in the center of the fuselage. It contains 3 parts – central panel and left and right outer panels. They are assembled by 6-round carbon wing rods that allow them to be self-replaceable. The skin and the wing spar are both made of carbon. The construction of the wing is monocoque with filling – it is not hollow. This technology provides extremely high torsional stiffness with perfect flight characteristics. The flaps and the ailerons are extra reinforced by carbon fiber to ensure higher torsional stiffness. The lips are closely adhering to the fuselage. The idea of the construction of the wing is the possibility to fly with higher speed. The places for sevos are big – they could be put in without any problem and servos  form the type Futaba of S3150. There are also places provided for the conductor. The horns  are included in the package. Servo covers are the same colour as the whole model and moreover, they are composite

The weights of the different details are:

- Outerpanel Light - 150гр*

- Outerpanel Strong - 205гр*


* It is depend of the painting.

V-tail - the constriction is exactly the same as the one of the wing. It is easy to dissemble and also easy to transport. The weight is 35g. The pushrods of the fuselage put it in motion and they are usually made of steel but, as an option, they could be made of carbon. The horns are factory mounted and tested which saves the client’s time.

Depending on the client’s preferences, the model can be produced in the following colours:

Technical data: 


Length : 1180mm

Wing Span : 2065mm

Wing Area : 32.96dm2

V-tail Area : 4.3dm2

Wing aspect ratio : 13

Centre of Gravity from the leading edge : 74mm

Wing section: AG41 mod, AG42 mod, AG43 mod

Tail section : HT12 mod